Saturday, February 7, 2009


Fellow Perakians,

Hahahahaha....Welcome back, Ive been on a temporary hiatus recently cause there is just not much to talk about my home state but resigned to my faith of another 4 years of rot..however I am back in my prime now, since so much has happened in the last 1 week.....glad am I, of course....since there is not much to do since the global financial meltdown in the 3rd quarter of 2008, why not be an honest political critic FOR THE DURATION??????

Alhamduliallah, we are on a roll again, the battle lines are drawn, legal teams r being formed, mud are being swung and the list goes on.

I might like to add that Perak has created history in Malaysia and possibly the world over for being the first state in a country, who lays claim to have 2 MB, 2 sets of exco, first DAP in history to abandon ship, 2 PM - one in waiting of course.......does that make be proud...YES INDEED to my bone and at the same time..what a F...... embarassment all at once.

In politics and in real life...there is no such thing as for the RAKYAT and by the RAKYAT as words are cheap, cause if yr own personal agenda and self interest is not fulfilled, how can one work to serve the RAKYAT when ure poor, but of course one has to enrich thyself before enriching thy RAKYAT and if that is the policy, u have my vote. On the other side of the coin, one only takes care of himself and forgets the RAKYAT, then I will vote the other way.....makes sense I hope.

DUN Perak used to have 31 PR 28 BN, Now we have 28BN 28PR 3 independant minus the speaker (since he cannot cast a vote) we have 27BN 28PR 3 independant i.e. 30BN 28PR

I wonder and most of us do, what will happen when the corruption case is mentioned on the 10th Feb 2009 for Cpt Osman and postman Jamal, of course plead not guilty, minta bicara and ask for more postponement and 8 years would go by before we see the light of day and sometimes as in the history of the judicial system in Malaysia, minta maaf yang arif tn hakim, file telah hilang or bangunan kena bakar....might not seem fictitous at all....anyway yr guess and assumpption could be better than my imagination.

Again, should they be found guilty, an election will be called, so..guess who the majority of chinese voters will vote in Changkat Jering and Behrang ...hmmhmhm since its a chinese dominant area.......if the worst happens then what..of course then it will be 30PR 29BN...provided DAP does another jumping act again..i.e. SNAP Election again.

Finally, what im trying to say is either way..for the next 4 years..all of us Perakians will be screwed to HELL...since there is not one majority where does that all leave us.....DEFINATELY TO ROT AND BURN IN HELL.....AND PERAK WILL ONCE AGAIN GO BACK INTO THE STONE AGE......

So fellow Perakians, these r yr options....migrate to another country...migrate to another state....invest elsewhere....marry business somewhere...of course not in PERAK.....sad but true the political impasse which sadly involves my beloved KING for HRH to make any judgement will be seen as bias from any angle eventhough righteous in LAW.....WHICH EVER WAY U CHOOSE TO LOOK AT IT.

All politician will promise the world but who can deliver if the minds, hearts and souls of the RAKYAT is not taken into consideration and lots of compromise TO BE MADE, for hard work and sweat will amount to nought should the human factor fails.....


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stone Age Politics - Child Like ANTICS

Fellow Malaysians,

Looks like Malaysia will be taking one step forward and 3 steps backward with all those YAHOOO running around to grab power and the legitimate government seems to be totally helpless to do squat to protect their rear ass.......OR the welfare of the RAKYAT....

How can the opposition now request for an audience with the KING to hand over the so called defection list, eventhough they are entitled to at the end of the day but procedure wise, they need to pass Parliment usual kurang baca or some called it tactics

Imagine this, how can PR claim to have a more stable government with only 110 plus 2 seats as compared with 110 from BN if they succeed, so are u saying that a 2 seat majority government will be better than a higher majority government, which does not make any cock sense.........compared with 140 againts 80 plus 2

To involve the KING and if his Majesty bites, then the end is near for REVOLUTION will rear its ugly head and my migration to NZ will be at DEFON tell me this, is this what all of us level headed Malaysian wants or are we just dont care.....i think most of us just dont care.....for being associated with these goons would definately affect our image and standing in public.....

Why cant the legitimate government of the day just do their damn job and start arresting all these trouble makers under ISA or would you rather see democracy tear this country apart or is USA so intimidating that we have to run like dogs with our tail begin our its so mind boggling and irrational about the power that be......WHY WHY WHY.....?????????????????????

So i guess its D day again on the 23 and 24th of September 2008 and one would ask oneself.....will sanity and common sense ever prevail with all those PIRATES running around with their SLASH & Burn till then...CHEERS


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 STOOGES & 916

Fellow Malaysians.......They never cease to amaze me and all Malaysians on a daily basis i.e. our very own politicianS , be it in the government or the opposition.

The 3 stooges i.e. Syed Hamed Alba, Muhyiddin & Zaid Ibrahim - Government

3 stooges i.e. Tien Chua, Lim Kit Siang & Anuar Ibrahim - Opposition

SYED HAMID ALBA - " We arrested Sin Chew Daily reporter for her own safety as someone is threathening her life"

Muhyiddin - " PM should hasten his transfering of power to Najib as its the sentiments of the grass roots"

Zaid Ibrahim - " Im resigning because im not tired but disappointed"

A load of crap and the clowns we have in the form of ministers and that speaks volume of the so called technocrats in Putrajaya...and how do you expect them to take care of our welfare when they cant even tell the difference between what is right and wrong, what has been agreed upon and renegading on the agreement, pledge to serve and preserve and reform the legal system of jokers r just absolutely hopeless and pathetic.

Tien Chua - " Our trip to Taiwan was a success, BN MP's has agreed to "LOMPAT"

Lim Kit Siang - " That is why BNBBC was going to Taiwan to avoid us. Be prepared for the transitional government come 916"

Anuar Ibrahim - " We have the numbers and 916 would be a great day, so im giving Pak Lah a chance to have a smooth transition of power and we do not want to take charge just yet"

You fuckers (excuse the language) are even more pathetic than the jokers in Putrajaya...or is it the reason why most students in malaysia cant do well in math as the cannot calculate correctly.....

BN - 140 MP
PR - 80 MP
Bebas - 2 MP

Lompat 30 MP from BN to PR

BN - 110 MP
PR - 110 MP
Bebas - 2 MP

Now u see why those idiots cant do the math...with 140 against 80 + 2, Malaysia is in turmoil, so I wonder what will happen when we have 110 against 110 + 2, U do the math???????? absolute chaos..dont u think..and all Malaysians will be screwed to kingdom come..........

Now Pak Lah says that Anuar is a threat to the economy and national security...HELLO, HELLO, you need to be a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion 6 months after the 12th General Election.....and now so much damaged is done to the stupid and blind can one get...cause...U will be damned if u do and damned if you either way u die.....what didnt u think of the RAKYAT and invoke the ISA sooner......your guess is as good as mine....what a joke.....

That is why I have coined a phase, "Malaysia always fails to plan and when they plan, they plan to fail", look at events in country's history and u will see.....

With the collapse of Lehman Brothers, restructuring of AIG, bailout of Freddie MAC and Fannie May in the USA......we are screwed long before the predicted 2012 global economic meltdown.....

Will we ever be prepared for these eventualities since we have a joker in SAPP pulling out of the coalition, MCA and Gerakan reexamining the terms of coalition, PR creating havoc, UMNO power there such a thing as honor amongst thieves.....of course not, but be a PIRATE but take care of the RAKYAT.

Will Malaysians ever come together as a nation to face the world in times of trouble? is a question best answered by our leaders should one be available or will the real leader please stand up.......

If ure gonna arrest someone under ISA, please do it correctly i.e. RPK yes, KOK maybe, Sin CHEW no, Anuar yes, Tien chua yes, sivarasa yes, Lim kit siang yes and many many more but please someone who is a threat to national and economical security and not on religious matters.

After 51 years are we mature enough to move forward since we have

1st class infrastructure, 3rd class mentality
1st class facilities, 3rd world salary


Only the Regent of Perak came forward to advise the politicians and the rest are either deaf or blind or probably both....

Well my plans to migrate to NZ has been elevated to DEFCON 3 and may GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR COUNTRY and our SOULS for those choosing to stay.


3 STOOGES & 916

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Fellow Malaysia, Good Evening to all of u......

The culmination of events leading before and after March 08 has resulted in total chaos and close to anarchy....and if u have seen the movie on HBO, V for Vendetta of which the man with the guy falks mask seems to say it all for us in Malaysia. We are truly fucked(please excuse the language).

Racism, Sabotage, Power grabbing, Wishful thinking, Sodomy trial, Tun applying to join UMNO, MCA party election, UMNO General Assembly and guess what....the CIRCUS is in town again with TUN making a comeback for the sake of the nation, ANUAR still claims to be the PM by 916, Ahmad just got suspended today for 3 years, Sodomy trial postponed till 24th, KLSE down, pressure group, click, gangs, murder and more murder, claims and counter claims....just makes u sick to the core.......

In those days, I was ashamed to be associated with PERAK for the lack of development and political will, but today I am ashamed to be called a Malaysian because of the things happening in my beloved country because it does not make sense, WHY? one might ask...isn't change or revolution means democracy and progress........???????

History cannot be wrong as the FRENCH REVOLUTION proves as lives were lost, homes destroyed, economy desimmated and human suffering ensured for the sake of progress and that was 300 years France is home to almost anyone from the free world but are they better off......not really...still too much social problems........

If today we have competent leaders who is literally educated, of sound mind, can check history and may learn a thing or 2 as not to repeat those mistakes for the sake of democracy and progress.....but what do we have here in Malaysia... a bunch of so called learned men, who could barely comprehend common sense but utterly power crazy and refuse to sacrifice themselves or someone(s) for the sake of national unity and national security and govern with their feet firmly on the ground.

Like ive reiterated numerous times, again and again, should Malaysian not come together and work for the future and promote internal growth, financial and economical tsunami is coming the next few year and engulf if we have not fucked ourselves enough with all these daily wayang kulit...."WILL THE REAL LEADER PLEASE STAND UP"..........IS THERE A SAVIOR AMONGST US, DO WE HAVE KNIGHT TO DELIVER US OR A DARKER KNIGHT TO SCREW US EVEN FURTHER......

What am i saying...yes...use, deploy, enact the ISA.....tangkap, tangkap, tangkap for the sake of national security and harmony and to hell with democracy......for i want to know how i am going to get the next ringgit to feed my family and pay for all my bills........

Democracy has lead to uncertainty, down rating by foreigners, KLSE having Erectile Dysfunction, public suffering and total humilation, no govenment spending albeit the window dressing of budget 2009....say what u want......someone please govern with a conscience and iron fist.....and quash the rebellion and let peace and prosperity engulf the country again..........and may GOD pleas answer my prayer........

with this grimm reminder......i hold my peace.......TERIMA KASIH......


Saturday, August 30, 2008

MERDEKA X 7 = 1957

Fellow Malaysian, HAPPY 51ST BIRTHDAY..........

The Question - Is there anything to celebrate or feel proud about?

I for one do not feel that after 51 yrs of independence, that I am part of the social network in my own country, not that I have taken any direct or indirect benefits from schemes or subsidies or scholarship from the government as long as I can remember.

What kicks me hard in the ass or my face is the political upheavel happening in the country....Mahathir, cant remember, Anuar,PM in waiting, Paklah, lack of political resolve, Najib, accused of murder, Muhyidden, cant speak English to well, Lim Guan Eng, thinks he is smart via CAT etc. u name it, we have it.......

Never have I felt so confused and insecured in my life and future generation after March 08, and what can I look forward to, nothing much at this moment.

Singapore plan 14 years ahead for succession of the next PM, Michael Phelps plan immediately after the China Olympics for the next in London 2012, China of course will plan to top the charts in London and the moral of the story is plan and simple common sense, "ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY".

Only people or leaders of vision can look ahead and plan to succeed rather than akin to Malaysia, "Always fail to plan".

Plenty of ideas, fantastic launch, grandeur plans but poor monitoring and finishing thus leading to wasted time and money i.e. subject to abuse.

Anuar's resolve to take over by 16th September 2008 (so called Malaysia Day) is again putting a monkey's wrench into the system and all Paklah could do was say on budget day that he will not go down without a fight, dont u think its 5 months too late....which leader of any country in the free world governs with so much slack.

Tomorrow, all the RAKYAT will suffer & at the end of the day if ANUAR is successful, the story never ends with UMNO's General Assembly in December and MCA plus Gerakan contemplating to pull our of BN. MIC N PPP missing in action.

If memory serves me right, some ass in Putrajaya says just after the General Election, that a post mortem done by consulants will be able to shed some light on why BN lost and to be followed by reinvention.........?????? guess never happened and thats rhetoric which goes well with all the promises as far as I am concern.

Today, racism is rearing its ugly head and one might question in this day and age, how can this ever happened again...MAY 13th was not enough..your answer is as good as mine.....

I am dejected, helpless and angry with all this political charade as I am worried for my kids as once the global economy goes and predicted in 2012 especially USA, we are fucked and screwed for life if we are not united today and plan for the coming global financial tsunami....and before that 2010 when AFTA comes into full force.

So my fellow Malaysian, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may GOD be merciful especially in time need not too far away on the horizon.


p/s TAJOL ROSLI PLEASE SHUT...URE ruining everything

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Fellow Malaysians...good morning..and may GOD have mercy on our souls.....democracy...constitutional right...human rights...self imposing nothing short of flirting with the devil and be warned...for the devil is lurking and just might consume u with fire.....

These are the dangers our so called learned and not so learned (tidak baca) Malaysians are doing daily in the name of democracy....i.e. bar council...islamic and Pakatan Rakyat.....

Does anyone realised that ANUAR IBRAHIM at best must only become the oppostion leader in Parliment ( for it will keep BN on its toes and be more sympathatic to the rakyat) and never be the so called PM in waiting as this will result in the actual crsytalization of an Islamic state as the UMNO will have no choice ( burn all bridges for the sake of Muslim unity ) but to form an alliance with PAS and the operating condition is implementing hudud law,thus an ISLAMIC STATE.

With a majority in parliment....anything can be changed besides the Federal Constitution.........some might not know.....

The power that be, will sacrifice Barisan Nasional (along with MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP etc) just to prevent Anuar Ibrahim from being the PM should such a day be realised.

So Malaysian of other ethnic minority, please wake up from yr 50 years of slumber to the truth staring right in yr face, " CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER", for its as real as daylight.

The entire minority composition is less that 28% compared with Bumiputra of 70% and above, so..where does yr loyalty lies....and to quote a demonstrator slur during the protest on Sunday at the BAR Council meeting, " BABI, balik Cina lah oi ", " KELING, balik India le" , is a clear reminder that no matter what anyone has contributed to the growth of the country amounts to nought, and eventhough ure apolitical and neutral in yr views and values.....

This is where the roads leads to at the moment.....but on hindsight to reverse such a trend would depend very much on the ballot boxes comes the 13th General Election a few years down the road......if its not already too late....." point to consider is migration to another country ".

Mud slinging, washing dirty linen in public, corruption, political assasination, character assasination, murder, statutory declaration, missing in action and total chaos seems to be the order of the day thus affecting Malaysia's image in terms of accountability, investment haven and developing status.

Making life and ends meet for a average Malaysian is not enough....but now we have to deal with another ugly truth.....

Can DAP ever work with PAS, can PR survive this difference in idealogy?????? remains to be seen and as the saying goes....the victim finally will be the RAKYAT for voting CHANGE and the price is to be paid in BLOOD......and may GOD have mercy on our souls and since we dug our own grave..please lie in it.......